Social Media Content Management

Social Media Content Management

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Having a social presence, be it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. is important to develop your brand, establish a loyal following, and project a subject matter expertise to your customers and followers.  

Unfortunately, this also requires a substantial amount of time either writing, or curating appropriate content for your industry.  In some organizations, this is alone is a full-time job.  

The fact that larger organizations dedicated a full time resource behind this effort tells us just how important and impactful having an up-to-date social presence is for your brand.

There's nothing more unappealing than going to a site, facebook page, twitter feed, or other social page and seeing the last post from several months ago.  It signals to the customer that this brand is not active, and quickly loses it's appeal.

At Digital Rocket Fuel, we understand the importance of coming up with a social strategy, and sticking to it.   Be it a daily, weekly, or monthly post.  We got you covered with our regular, relevant, and timely posts to boost your brand, and develop a loyal following.



After placing the order, please email us with which social channels you wish to use, and the frequency of each channel.